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At Bet Ha’am, our sense of community and congregational strength is supported by everyone who helps out–whether that’s by baking cookies for an oneg (festive reception) after Friday Shabbat services or serving on our board. Together, we build a congregation represented by our wide array of skills, talents, interests, and time.

Participating in the community at whatever level and with whatever skill you have is a great way to get to know us better, and even to meet other members. We are eager to know what talents and skills you would like to share. 

Below, we list some of the projects that need help to keep us running strong. Some will take an afternoon, some are ongoing; some have an immediate deadline, others will allow you to work at your own pace.

We’ve also included a tab with the committee reports from the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

Please contact the office if you’d like to volunteer.

We currently have two ways that you can support the Bet Ha’am community, or be supported by it, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

First, you can sign up to make or receive phone call check-ins. Please use this form.

Second, you can join our mitzvah corps, delivering groceries and other essential supplies to people who cannot go out. Please use this form.

We will shortly have a way for people who need groceries and other essential supplies to let us know to connect them to a mitzvah corps volunteer.

We would love baking help! If you can make an extra tray of brownies (or buy an extra box of crackers), we will be be happy to serve your donation at the oneg (festive reception) after Friday night services. Food costs are a big part of our budget; your contribution helps both to make our congregants happy and to make ends meet.

Donate an oneg–to celebrate a joyous occasion, to remember a loved one, or just because. You can donate a whole oneg (by credit card) for $150, or contribute part of the cost of one, by completing this form, or you can bake and buy and bring the food in. You can also gather a team of friends or committee members to help share the cost and the love.

Greeting people is a great way to promote community (and support security) at Bet Ha’am. Think how much more relaxed you feel when someone invites you in, shows you where to hang your coat, maybe even hands you a prayer book open to the right page. Every Friday night and Saturday morning, we need greeters and ushers to make our community the most welcoming place it can be. You can sign up for just one service, one service each month, or whatever suits you and your schedule. We will provide a brief training phone call before your greet or usher for the first time.

The weekly email and bi-monthly Chadashot newsletter would be so much happier if they had a “look” of their own. If you are a designer and could help us a couple ideas and then some custom code to make it a reality, we’d be very grateful. This project would be mostly on your own time, though might include one or two phone (or in-person) meetings with our synagogue administrator.

Clynk” for Bet Ha’am. Pick up a green Clynk bag in our lobby, fill it with your recyclable bottles and cans, and drop it off at any Clynk center (often at Hannaford’s). Over the past years, we have received over $800 in Clynk donations–that sound makes us happy.

Do you shop Amazon? If you do, please sign up for Smile and choose Bet Ha’am (of course!) as your charity. Once you are signed up, each time you make an AMAZON purchase, a portion of the price will go to Bet Ha’am. Another way to give through Amazon is to follow our Wish List (“Bet Ha’am.”) Any books purchased from it will go right to our library. Having current books makes the library a great resource for our community and for people interested in learning more about Judaism.

We have all read the stories about how plastic recycling does not work well any more. But we would still like to reduce the amount of trash we have at Bet Ha’am. We would love someone to help us create better systems for sorting our trash–and maybe even create a way to compost our own garden trimmings and food scraps.

We have the dates for our 2020 blood drives, but we need help asking people to donate. The American Red Cross sends us all the materials; we just need someone to engage our congregants and hang the flyers. You don’t have to donate blood yourself or even be here for the drive.

We are taking the great Bet Ha’am Census, but not everyone is so good a filling out online forms. If you can call a few people (you decide how many) and ask them to complete the form, or fill it out with them, that will help us refresh our database and learn how better to serve the community. This project can be done from home, from the lobby, from the supermarket parking lot–wherever you like to be.


Of course, you can always help out by donating. Below is our credit card donation form.

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