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Brit Milah/Naming

Welcoming a child – Brit Milah and Baby Naming

Judaism has a long standing tradition of welcoming our newest members to the community at the birth or adoption of a child. Dating back to Abraham’s circumcising his son Isaac as detailed in the Torah, Jews have created ritual to celebrate the arrival of children in our lives. Traditionally, we welcome boys through the ritual of b’rit milah, the covenant of circumcision, which occurs on the eighth day of the boy’s life. The twentieth century brought about the advent of equality for boys and girls and naming rituals were created for girls, which some families have chosen for their sons, as well. Naming ceremonies usually occur within the first month after the child’s birth or adoption.

At Bet Ha’am, we relish the opportunity to welcome our newest and youngest members. We celebrate these occasions publicly at our Shabbat services on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and cherish the chance to wish a hearty “Mazel tov!” to the family as they welcome their new child. Rabbi Saks is available in the months leading up to the arrival of your child to create a meaningful naming ritual for your family. You can contact the office to set up a time to meet with him. It’s one of the best parts of his job!

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Congregation Bet Ha’am’s Judaica Shop is establishing itself as a leading regional opportunity for unique Judaica jewelry, holiday gifts and supplies, children’s items, and everyday items.  The Judaica Shop is open 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM Tuesday-Friday and Sunday mornings when our Religious School is open.  Please call (207) 879-0028 for inquiries or requests for special order items.  This page will soon have photos and ordering information for specific Judaica items.


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Saturday morning at 10:00 AM.

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