Sing A New Song

by Rachel Stamieszkin

We are happy to announce that we have added new prayer-music selections to our Bet Ha’am website.

Helping our congregants, be they young or not-so-young, to prepare to lead or participate in worship services has been a challenge over the years, but advances in technology have enabled us to share our music much more easily now!

Years ago, we would make cassette tapes for each 7th grader. This involved having a special recording device, a person willing to make the recordings, a microphone, and a cassette copier. The work was costly and time consuming. In addition, students didn’t have the ability to skip right to a certain spot, to study exactly what they wanted to. Add to that the problem of lost tapes and jammed tapes, so that we always needed to make new tapes, and you can imagine the enormity of the project. Then along came CDs and CD players. These were easier to use but still required costly and time consuming duplication activities.

Now, with our phones, we can easily record tunes ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! And we can easily edit them and put them onto our website for all to either listen to or download; no more tangible materials, no more duplication, no more lost disks! Self service!

If you would like to access the music on our website, please look here. We have various options for many of the Shabbat morning prayers along with Torah and Haftarah trope. We hope you will enjoy this using this resource.

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