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A Year in Review

by Lynn Urbach, President Our Bet Ha’am Annual Meeting was just a couple of weeks ago. We probably broke any previous attendance record—we had sixty-three

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A Different Story

by Toby Rosenberg, congregant This spring Bet Ha’am’s annual gala fundraiser, A Storied Affair, will transform into an exciting virtual event we are calling A Different Story. Still

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A Time of Separation

by Bill Welch, board member I discovered ironically that last week’s Torah portion, Tazria/Metzora, contains among other things a detailed description about how the community

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Giving with Our Hearts

by Rachel Lefkowitz, Synagogue Administrator Two months ago, my biggest concern was about bringing food for onegs on plates rather than in containers. Well, the

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Congregational Update

by Lynn Urbach, President Dear Friends,I want to give you an update on our response at Bet Ha’am to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rabbi Saks, Sam

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Drop-In Book Group

with Rabbi Jared H. Saks In February, Rabbi Saks led a thoughtful discussion of Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy. At the time, we anticipated a scholar-in-residence weekend

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Gifts of the Heart

by Rabbi Jared H. Saks In the opening verses of the Torah portion T’rumah, God instructs Moses to speak to the Israelites so that they

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We learn in a famous Talmudic phrase Kol Yisrael areivin ze ba-zeh –this means “We are all responsible for one another” (Sanhedrin 27b). This applies not only

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Jews Around the World

by Sam Spinrad Sunday mornings, after tefillah, our first, second, and third graders and their parents spend twenty minutes studying with Rabbi and me. Our theme

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Sing A New Song

by Rachel Stamieszkin We are happy to announce that we have added new prayer-music selections to our Bet Ha’am website. Helping our congregants, be they

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Home Plate

by Rachel Lefkowitz I did not grow up practicing Judaism, so when I first went to Friday night services, I thought, “This is a great way

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Bet Ha’am: The Early Days

by Elaine Falender In connection with Bet Ha’am’s 25th anniversary in April 2010, congregant Elaine Falender did some “research” for a Shabbat dinner presentation. A

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Vote Reform

by Rabbi Jared H. Saks Shabbat Va-eira | January 24, 2020 – 28 Tevet 5780 Among my earliest memories of childhood is my parents taking

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K’Sharim: Connections

by Rachel Weinstein Here’s my deal. I’m a therapist. A wife. I have two kids. I am trying to exercise, take care of our chickens and dogs, clean the house, shop

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