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JOB DESCRIPTION – Executive Director, Congregation Bet Ha’am 

Title: Executive Director 

Function: The Executive Director serves as the chief administrative officer of the congregation in accordance with the principles, guidelines and objectives set forth by the Board of Trustees and By-Laws of the Synagogue. The Executive Director is responsible for the implementation of the policies set by the Board of Trustees. They provide the day-to-day management of Synagogue fiscal and administrative affairs and have direct supervisory jurisdiction over all administrative, clerical, and building maintenance personnel, while assisting, coordinating, and working closely with the Synagogue’s robust and highly involved volunteer team. This position requires a moderate number of evening and weekend hours, with the ability to flex time during the week when necessary in favor of a healthy work-life balance. 

Relationships: The Executive Director takes direction from and is accountable to the President of the Congregation and the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director also takes direction from the Rabbi in accordance with the provisions of Guidelines for Rabbinical-Congregational Relationships, (UAHC-CCAR, 2002), or its successor publication. The Executive Director is expected to collaborate and coordinate with the Rabbi, and Educator on administrative matters. 

Principal Duties: Under the general direction of the President of the Congregation and in close consultation with the Rabbi and Educator, as well as other Officers and Chairs of the appropriate committees, the Executive Director is responsible for assuring the performance of the following functions either personally or through their staff: 

A. Office Management:

  • Supervise all administrative staff (with the exception of the content of the Rabbi’s secretarial work.)
  • Assist in hiring and firing all administrative staff.
  • Develop job descriptions, document and evaluate performance, and manage salary administration of all administrative staff.
  • Develop and implement office policies and procedures.
  • Train new staff and oversee the continued training of existing staff. f. Supervise all office systems.
  • Supervise the day-to-day operations of the Synagogue Office.

B. Communications:

  1. Oversee essential communications between the Synagogue and congregation, as well as the general public including, but not limited to:
    • Weekly Constant Contact updates to the community,
    • Regular Social Media and website, and email updates, and
    • Organization and assembly of the Chadashot (a bi-monthly electronic newsletter)

C. Religious Services:

  1. Provide administrative and logistic support required for the smooth running of all worship, events, celebrations, High Holy Day services, and festivals.

D. Volunteer Coordination

  1. Engage, empower, and oversee the Synagogue’s volunteers, providing support and leadership where applicable while acting as a reliable resource as needs arise.

E. Property and Equipment:

  1. Maintain the property in good condition by authorizing necessary repairs, replacements, and maintenance, and making recommendations to the Board when extraordinary expenditures are required.
  2. Supervise the custodial staff to be sure that the property is kept in a state of cleanliness and repair, and custodial help is available when needed. c. Provide on-site supervision of repair, grounds maintenance, renovation, and expansion projects, with expectation of being on-call for emergencies outside of normal business hours.
  3. Negotiate, with the Treasurer’s approval, appropriate insurance protection for the building and its contents.
  4. As appropriate, obtain competitive bids for services, projects, and contracts.
  5. Develop and implement a program of preventive periodic maintenance.
  6. Monitor utilities usage and identify areas for improvement and corrective action.

F. Board and Volunteer Committees:

  1. Serve as a resource for board and volunteer committees.
  2. Serve as a liaison between committees and congregation/board.
  3. Help staff committees and assist with the planning and implementation of their programs. 
  4. Attend monthly board and executive committee meetings.
  5. Attend special committee meetings as warranted.

G. Fundraising:

  1. Oversee the development, implementation, and supervision of all fundraising activities, including regular reporting updates to the Board of Trustees.
  2. Develop processes and policies in line with accepted best practice for timely gift acknowledgment.
  3. Assist in the development and management of Capital Campaigns, along with the Board of Trustees and Capital Campaign committee. H. Program Coordination and Calendar Development and Management: a. Coordinate scheduling of activities for all Synagogue groups. b. Supervise the pre-planning of the year’s activities to ensure a balanced calendar.
  4. Provide the administrative and logistical support required for the smooth running of events.

I. Purchasing:

  1. Serve as the central purchasing agent assuring cost effectiveness. b. Monitor all expenditures.

J. Rentals:

  1. a. Oversee the rental of the facilities to members and the community at large including contracts, collections, and scheduling of staff.
  2. b. Develop, implement, and enforce Synagogue policies in regard to caterers, photographers, musicians, etc. who provide services within the Synagogue building.

K. Fiscal:

  1. Assist the Treasurer in maintaining fiscal records and presenting monthly and annual financial reports.
  2. Assist the Budget Committee in the preparation of the annual budget.
  3. Assist the Treasurer and the Financial Committee in monitoring the collection of dues.
  4. Survey and make recommendations on dues and fees.

L. Insurance:

  1. Research, negotiate, monitor, and recommend to the Treasurer benefit packages including health insurance, disability insurance, retirement plans for all staff as appropriate.

M. Relations:

  1. Serve as a liaison between the Congregation and the community to promote Congregation Bet Ha’am’s visibility.
  2. Maintain ongoing contact with the local media.
  3. Act as an advisor and assist with all Synagogue publications (i.e., bulletin, mailings, directory, etc.)

N. Professional Development:

  1. Participate in NATA (National Association of Temple Administrators) to network with other administrators and gather information, and/or local alternatives.

O. Synagogue Records/Archives:

  1. Oversee the maintenance of the various Synagogue records, e.g., membership data, newsletters, minutes, and all historical and archival records.

Salary range is $55k-75k and resumes and cover letters from qualified applicants can come to me at


  1. Guidelines for Rabbinical-Congregational Relationships by the Union for Reform Judaism’s Central Conference of American Rabbis as adopted and recommended by the URJ Board of Trustees and the CCAR: Relationships.pd

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