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Life and Legacy

Planning for Our Future

Bet Ha’am is partnering with the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine (JCA) to bring legacy giving to our community. The JCA was selected by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, a national organization devoted to the preservation of vibrant Jewish life, to assist in developing a culture of legacy giving in Southern Maine. The Grinspoon Foundation has allocated $30 million for training and support in sixty-three communities around the United States; collectively, the “Life and Legacy” program has inspired over 1 billion dollars in legacy gifts to Jewish communities across the country over the past nine years.

Congregation Bet Ha’am, Temple Beth El, and Congregation Etz Chaim participated in Grinspoon’s Life and Legacy’s nationwide training program, working to build a strong and sustainable future for Jewish communities and to provide opportunities for our forward-thinking members to demonstrate their passion and commitment for after-lifetime gifts.

Case Statement

In keeping with our mission statement, Bet Ha’am

  • welcomes people of all ages, orientations, religious and family backgrounds, configurations, and financial means.
  • offers traditional and emerging spiritual practices to meet the varied needs, interests, and quests of our members.
  • believes that everyone’s Jewish path is unique. Through individual and group study and activity, we are each empowered to make informed decisions about the role we want Judaism and congregational engagement to play in our lives.
  • believes our Jewish ethical heritage is a gift that can and should guide us as we engage together in tikkun olam, the repair of our community, nation, and world.
  • sustain and strengthen our links to k’lal Israel, the worldwide Jewish community.

At Bet Ha’am,

  • we live our Jewish values by engaging in tikkun olam, repair of the world;
  • we share our celebrations of family events and Jewish holidays in community;
  • we help and support one another in times of grief and need;
  • we share worship experiences and deepen spiritual connections;
  • we educate our children joyously, helping them cultivate their own Jewish identity;
  • we explore our own Jewish passions, commitment, and engagement with Judaism;
  • we celebrate acceptance, friendship, community, spirituality, and opportunity.

Our legacy donors are people like you, ensuring that Bet Ha’am will remain a thriving Jewish community to embrace and enrich the lives of those who come after us, just as it has enriched our lives. Your commitment strengthens our combined legacy so that Bet Ha’am will continue to be a “house of the people” for the generations who follow us.

Join us by making your legacy gift today!

Planning for Our Future

Please reach out to one of our committee members for further discussion by emailing

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