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Activities and Projects

Bet Ha’am is pleased to be thinking of fun ways for adults and families to stay engaged with our community. We will update this page with details as they become available. If you have questions or want to join, please contact the office and we’ll connect you to our fantastic outreach volunteers.

This page has three parts: community activities that you can join; projects you can do to support the community; and a list of our community partners. Please contact the office to find out how to join a group or volunteer–or to propose an activity you’d like to lead!

If you are interested in educational opportunities, please visit our Religious School page or our Adult Learning page.

Social Opportunities

Come relax and talk virtually with your Bet Ha'am community before Friday Shabbat services! Simply dine and/or share a glass of wine together? Share your newest knitting creation, a few pictures of your garden or last vacation, or the latest book you've read? Our virtual Zoom "social hall" will be open 6:30-7:15 PM most Fridays for you to stop by and chat. This is a congregant led program.

Have you been catching up on all the shows you've missed? Watching movies you would have had time for? If the answer is yes, please join congregants and co-facilitators Melissa Montefel and Wendy Hayes for a discussion group about Jewish-themed shows. It will be wonderful to gather those interested for fun, talk, and insights. Contact the office to learn which show is up for discussion next. Every other Wednesday.

Our relationships are enriched by personal sharing. Congregant Asherah Cinnamon, with assistance from her team of local facilitators, offers occational community-building workshops on Zoom for Bet Ha'am members. These are opportunities for adults to express the personal impact of current events, including COVID-19, the tensions of US elections, and the rise in visibility of anti-Semitism. In large and small listening circles, each participant has an equal opportunity to be respectfully listened to. These are a participatory group experience, not a discussion, designed to strengthen our connections with each other.

Asherah is a trained facilitator with decades of experience bringing people together. Her bio may be found on her website. Registration will be in our weekly email; if you do not yet get our email, sign up by using the "Get the Newsletter" button below.

If you love Bet Ha’am but feel like you don’t really have close relationships here (or just want more close relationships), this gathering is for you! Adult members—come have some loosely facilitated discussion to really get to know each other, and do some fun baking and crafts together (or just keep talking). No prerequisites except a desire to feel more connected at Bet Ha’am. We will meet in the Bet Ha'am social hall once the building reopens.

View of IsraelPostponed to a future date
Join our trip to Israel, led by Rabbi Saks. On this journey of inspiration and education, we will experience Israel from ancient history to high-tech innovation; explore the diversity, challenges, and triumphs of the nation; participate in family and community adventures, including a tikkun olam activity; feel Jerusalem's holiness, Tel Aviv's energy, the north's serenity; meet and join leaders in the struggle for religious equality; float in the Dead Sea and ride Jeeps on Golan Heights; celebrate Shabbat with a local Reform community. We will be led by outstanding tour educators from Arza World. Please contact Karen Hindall in the office if you would like more information.

We were pleased to present these committee reports at our annual meeting in June 2020. If you would like to join one of our committees, please contact the office.

Volunteer Projects

Each week, Bet Ha’am is pleased to offer its congregants a Shabbat gift of stone soup. You can read more here. Please email Chris Skidgel in the office to find out what this week's offering is!



Four masked facesIf you can help support people isolated by the pandemic or other illnesses, please contact the office and we will match you with a congregant in need.

If you are in need, we know that it is hard to ask for help! But it is also a mitzvah, as it gives our volunteers the opportunity to help.

We are looking for tech help to keep our services lively and fresh. Please reach out to the office if you have skills to help us create all types of virtual experiences for our community.



Bet Ha'am logoOur weekly email bulletin and bi-monthly Chadashot newsletter would be so much happier if they had a “look” of their own. If you are a designer and could help us a couple ideas and then some custom code to make it a reality, we’d be very grateful. This project would be mostly on your own time, though might include one or two phone (or in-person) meetings with our synagogue administrator.

Clynk logo“Clynk” for Bet Ha’am. Let us know if you’d like a green Clynk bag with a Bet Ha’am sticker on it. We may be able to deliver it or mail it to you. Fill it with your recyclable bottles and cans, and drop it off at any Clynk center (often at Hannaford’s). Over the past years, we have received over $800 in Clynk donations–that sound makes us happy.


Do you shop Amazon? If you do, please sign up for Smile and choose Bet Ha’am (of course!) as your charity. Once you are signed up, each time you make an AMAZON purchase, a portion of the price will go to Bet Ha’am. Another way to give through Amazon is to follow our Wish List (“Bet Ha’am.”) Any books purchased from it will go right to our library. Having current books makes the library a great resource for our community and for people interested in learning more about Judaism.

Jar of coinsWe are always happy to accept donations! You can give in honor or in memory of someone. You can support our annual fund or one of the funds that support something more specific. If you have questions about the funds or about giving, please contact Teri Berenson in the office.

Donate online with a credit card here.

More Ways to Participate

We are fortunate to be in a community that offers a wide variety of Jewish-themed and -sponsored programs. Please check out these websites for all kinds of activities–movement, art, spirituality, books, movies, Jewish education for children, and more. Bet Ha’am often co-sponsors programs with these community leaders. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about specific events.

Logo for Jewish Community Alliance
Jewish Community Alliance
Logo for Center for Small Town Jewish Life
The Center for Small Town Jewish Life
Logo for Maine Jewish Film Festival
Maine Jewish Film Festival
Logo for Maine Jewish Museum
Maine Jewish Museum
Logo for Southern Maine Jewish Cemetery Association
Southern Maine Jewish Cemetery Association
Levey Day School